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You’ve Got A Lot Of Choices For Self-Storage Units In Watertown, That’s Why We Run Our Business On Our One Hundred Percent Satisfaction Guarantee…We Earn Your Business The Old Fashioned Way

With a staff that has over a decade of experience in catering to the needs of clients in and around the Greater Watertown and Fort Drum areas, we can guarantee high quality services. We also ensure, to the best of our ability, that your belongings will remain safe and secure while they are at our facility. We utilize an advanced security system that follows industry standards: we have strategically positioned security cameras that are operational 24/7, and each of our units has coded entries. Furthermore, our fenced compound can only be accessed by those who are currently renting our units.

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We offer Quality Watertown NY Storage Units

Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for everything moving and storage. To this end, we have developed comprehensive services that will cater to your every need:

  • Unit rentals – We offer units for rent that are pest, climate, and humidity controlled. They are also monitored and secured 24/7.
  • U-Haul truck and trailer rentals – We have an extensive lineup of U-Haul trucks and trailers that can fit the typical contents of condos and apartments with one or more rooms.
  • Boxes and moving supplies retail – Our staff can help you select the best moving and packing supplies for your belongings and we also have all kinds of these products in stock.

If you’re not fully satisfied with our exemplary level of service, then we’ve failed on our end, we’ve let a good paying customer down, and you have a right to all of your money back. That’s a lot of pressure on us, do you can rest assured we will treat you right at every juncture of your experience.

That’s right, we stand behind our work; can those other guys say that? Not a chance.

Thankfully you landed here on our site and not somewhere else, we absolutely, one hundred and ten percent have your needs covered from A to Zed in the self storage facility industry, from vehiclestorage to business storage packages to everything else in between.

If you’ve moving or in between places for a spell, we have you covered there too, there isn’t anything we haven’t already thought of, you’ll be surprised at how we can read your mind. We have been at this for over ten years, and we have our storage facility business humming like a well-oiled machine.

What Exactly Does StorageMadeEZ Do? The Over Arching Components Of Our Business Are Primarily – Self Storage Units, Moving Trucks, & Moving Supplies

Our Core Business Is — Self Storage Unit Rentals

We only offer premium units for rent that are climate, pest, and humidity controlled to combat any type of damage. They are also monitored and secured round the clock — car storage, business storage, anything storage, we have you covered completely.

When you’re looking for a self-storage facility, what you’re really looking for is an experienced partner in the business with the latest in up-to-date facilities. We happen to have both; we have been in business serving the community for over a decade and our units are only top-notch quality, having the latest in digitally controlled technology. Car storage, business over stock, the contents of your condo, whatever the case might be, we stand ready.

You need a truly experienced partner because we know exactly what product or service will fit your specific needs, we won’t try to upsell you or down sell you just to keep you as a customer, we will find the exact package that fits your specific qualifications, or we won’t do business at all.

You have our word on that and our guarantee, when someone picks up the phone here his or her first instinct isn’t to sell you anything, it is to help you solve your problem.

When you leave your stuff in our storage units, it’s like leaving your valuables with a trusted friend…only that friend has an advanced security system with coded entry lock down and security cameras that watch your prized possessions from every angle.

Basically, we’re many times better than a best friend’s basement or spare room, unless your best friend is a commando with a fenced in, climate controlled compound, which might be the case with some of our customers, but we digress. And we do it all at a fair price too.

Besides, if you had a friend like this, you probably wouldn’t be searching for us, fair enough?

Our fenced in compound is only accessible by those who are currently renting our units; no others are allowed entry so that we can monitor things closely. You know the drill; it’s just like going on base for you Fort Drum folks. For others, it’s like that type of security, military quality lock down.

We Are Also A Proud Provider Of U-Haul Trucks and Trailers

We have an full array of U-Haul trucks and trailers that can fit just about anything you would ever need for a simple move, if you need something larger than what we might have we can make arrangements. We’re more than happy to help with detailed information on what will be your best bet. We’re problem solvers, not just self storage facility managers.

Lastly, We Also Sell – Boxes & All Sorts Of Moving Supplies – Whatever You May Need

Our staff can help you select the best moving and packing supplies for your gear, we won’t over sell or under sell, again, we are here to help solve your problem, if we can do that, we know that word of mouth will be our very best form of advertisement. We’re in business to serve.

From packing supplies, to car storage, to U-Haul vehicles of various sizes for moving all your stuff, to the latest in high tech self storage unit services, we are proudly your one-stop shop here in the greater Watertown, New York area.

There is no type of storage need we can’t fill, but if there by chance is something we couldn’t handle, we’d be happy to put you in touch with folks who can. We’re not in this business just to earn dollars, we honestly believe in serving our customer’s needs before our own, a principle that is so often lacking today. Yes, we’ve noticed too. We don’t run that way.

We don’t hustle you in and hustle you right out, we listen and take the time to listen and respond with expert advice, you will not find that anywhere else.

We founded our business to be flexible and to fill the needs of our community here in the Watertown, which has a variety of different storage needs (vehicle storage, apartment storage, business). Our products and services have grown to be a reflection of the many specific needs of our community.

Obviously we’re in close proximately of a large military base (hey Fort Drum folks), and there’s a big need for storage units here because of the huge influx of personnel in and out of our community each year.

Our ultimate goal is to prove to you that we’re your only choice for a partner in the self storage business and then to ultimately be your only stop for everything self storage and moving related in Watertown, whatever you need we are more than equipped to handle things and will make sure everything goes smoothly.

Our Iron Clad Guarantee To You

Whether you might be moving, looking for a Watertown, NY self storage unit for your valuables, vehicle of car storage, or you need extra room for your business over stock, we know that dealing with the unexpected non-sense from amateurs is a huge pain the neck, you won’t find that here.

You won’t deal with lines that never move, or rude customer service with us. We’ve built our business on customer service for over a decade.

There are lots of other companies that have high tech storage units for your car, your personal stuff, or your business; we understand that. That’s why we focus on exemplary customer service, expertise in solving your unique problems, and keeping our self storage unit facilities in tip-top condition, because we know if we do that then we will have a thriving business for many decades to come.

We look forward to serving you, and we mean it, part of business is earning a sale, but there is nothing like the satisfaction of solving someone’s problem and knowing full well that you did a great job. That is what gets us up in the morning, we are more than a self storage facility, we are your business partners.

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